Explore New Territories Of The Mind!

This is 21st Century Science, Not Freud!

Our extraordinary memory is one of the most wonderful delights of being human. Memory defines who we are. It gives us the riches of our experience in life. Love, learning, personality and our very identity come to us from our memories. Imagine loving someone wonderful and next morning waking up unable to remember who he or she was! That would be no life at all!

But there’s a dark side to this gift. Memory—certain memories—result in distressing emotions, irrational behaviors, scary thoughts and dysfunctional relationships. In fact aspects of memory can be almost crippling and incapacitating. Ask anyone with a real phobia or depression.

But it needn’t be like that! Just in the last few years, science has shown us that memory isn’t fixed and uncontrollable, in the way everyone thinks. In fact it’s been proven that memory is very plastic and can be re-shaped and re-built, in ways that are more constructive. Our experiences, even the nasty ones, can be modified, controlled and sweetened!

At the moment of recall memory turns out to be very unstable and can be disconnected from the unpleasant feelings that we associate with certain painful experiences. I’m talking 21st century science, not Freud!

As one Harvard researcher put it: “We can break into the time machine and really reverse-engineer it.” We do not lose those memories. In fact a person’s recall gets better and better.

But the suffering and negatives disappear.

My newly developed approach to mental [powers] I call Hypnoetics™. It utilizes this very modern science. Despite the name, it isn’t hypnotizing people: in fact it’s un-hypnotizing them… getting them out of their memory-induced trance!

We can break free of the pain and misery of the past. All of us. I’m not just talking about people who could be labeled sick or dysfunctional. We all have problems from the past and we are all—to a degree—victims of our memories.

And by the way it’s not “energy psychology” so-called (EFT) or similar. It is something truly new and revolutionary. It goes much deeper into the mind and sometimes will throw up archetypal memory, so-called transpersonal memory (that’s other people’s stuff), racial implants and what some people think of as past lives.

It’s quite safe. Despite what I just said, it’s not mystical. It’s very procedural. What’s more it’s easy to study and easy to understand. It’s easy to do, if you just follow my instructions.

Now I’m asking you to join me in this great adventure. Become a pioneer. Become an Angel Of Transformation in your neighborhood or community. I believe I can teach my new method to anyone, of any age.

That means we can all help each other. We can go beyond just sympathy. We can fix people! This could be an end to all suffering! Together we can create a better world. I have the Protocols For Change and Human Transformation.

All you have to do to get started is enrol with me, right here on this page, by putting your email in the box provided. It starts with a series of completely free webinars and you’ll be sent the details of when and where to log in.

I’ll explain how Hypnoetics™ works in detail as we go through these webinars.

See you there!

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